We all live in a yellow submarine...

kwentuhang tugtugan himig at musika ng buhay...tuloy tuloy ang buhay...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

If you can help one

You can help two

If you can help none

Who can help you?

I ask you to give of yourself

To kids who deserve to smile one more day

Think outside of yourself

For kids who wish for a chance to play

With your generosity, we can dare help make it better for these kids.

One hundred pesos from your pocket, once a week, once a month, or whenever you remember that there’s a child out there who needs your help…that’s all it takes.

A big event on the one-hundredth day of the campaign will see performances by big local artists coming together to ask you to give…

Venues and events where you can donate shall be announced soon.

Help 100 donation bottles/boxes shall be available for your donations really soon.

For more updates on Help 100, listen to Magic 89.9 and log on to www.magic899.fm and this multiply site.

For information about childhood cancer in the Philippines and Project Brave Kids log on to www.projectbravekids.org.

For your donations a G-cash account will be activated and shall be announced soon.

For the meantime you can deposit whatever amount you can spare using the Project Brave Kids account BDO CA1208014052.

here are some of the pictures of one of the brave kids: Seve Augusto Sabarre Perez

Incidentally Seve August is also the inspiration behind Project: Brave Kids which appeared in a billboard advertising with movie idol Piolo Pascual.

In the said commercial, Seve and Piolo were playing together, with Piolo teaching Seve how to hunt.

Seve’s face was painted like a warrior, brave enough to hunt or to fight - thus when
Project :Brave Kids
developed an icon to represent all the brave kids fighting cancer, this photo of Seve became the basis.

Despite these trials Seve remains cheerful and playful, very active and inquisitive like any boy his age. He has shown tremendous courage in facing cancer, by volunteering his hand for blood test or IV insertion, offering what he thinks is the better part of his body for injection, not removing his facemasks (despite the inconvenience of having one every time he goes out) and many other courageous acts.

it is his courage, and the courage of other children like him who also battle cancer, that inspire Project: Brave Kids.

hear are some of the pictures of our brave kids fighting cancer

Your help is a gift…a blessing.

Thank you and bless your hearts, always, always.

Joogieman/ Joel Gonzaga

Sunday, April 15, 2007

hindi nakakatuwang inet

i was surfin the net...

ebay to be exact..i was lookin for...well shoes hahaha

i was drinkin a tall glass of pepsi na may ice na malaki!

sobrang inet kasi...tapos mjo naaliw ako sa nkita ko sa net so surf surf ulet

tapos nauhaw ako... i reached for my pepsi...

tapos pag sip ko...





Tuesday, April 10, 2007

BORACAY!!!..... no more

we were supposed to go to boracay later..pero wala i backed out..

i just dont feel like going na... everythins been planned na.. nun feb pa inayos un sa hotel and all pati un room assignmnets.. wala lang i just dont feel like going na..

i havent told the guys that i wasnt coming so...



lets just put it this way boracays's still gona be boracay RYT?

kaya if ever man.. nde mawawala yan...

maybe dudumi lang xa hahaha...

again sorry!!

bday wish list...or smething like that..

walang magawa ngaun so...

gumawa nlang ako ng list ng gsto kong gift For my bday which is 16days from now..hahaha!!wut!! 16 days nalang??22 nako?? shit m gettin old!!! anyways ds is not in any order...hahaha..

1. cHucks un Black or WyT..
naawa nako sa chucks ko hahaha

2. Ipod ShuFFLE (wla lang...may ipod ako kso lng naaliw ako dun sa green hahaha pra pwede ko gmiting habang ngbabasketball hahaha)

3. Rubber shoes!! wala lng feeling ko mapuputol un paa kun gnamit ko un old rubbershoes ko eh

4.IPOD WARRANTY!!! nasira ipod ko eh so right now its nothin but a paper weight

5. GMASK..
wala tagal kona gs2 pa gmask ipod ko eh..pero first kelngan ko muna xa pagawa!

6.LAPTOP!!! un may web cam hahaha dnt wori it wont be used for sexy purposes..wala lang bakit ba!! this is my blog naman and it says WISH LIST!! dba??

7. VIDEOCAM dream ko mkagawa ng movie..not star in a movie ok? but make my own movie..kaya i need a good vidcam,,, dvdcam better hahaha!!

8. digicam i have 1 naman ero parang luma na hehehe

9. hoody jaket ... i know its summer pero i have a thing for hoody's hhahaha

10 BAG my mom said andme ko ng bag..pero wala lang feeling ko gs2 ko pa ng madame!! hahaha im such a girl

bawal mag post ng comment dito ok? pm msg lang hahaha!!

basta bawal magcomment!!!

ang mag comment hnde invited sa "UNDER THE SEA" bday party ko sa M

honest conversation/feeling




Thursday, July 27, 2006

i woke up at 8am tday..opened the radio while preparing breakfast for my lola(hehehe i had to include that just for kick hahaha)...enewei i came across this station since nu was playin shitty songs...ok so moving on the station had a promo about the pussy ket dalls ok?so there theyre giving away six tickets..so i said wow! that way too many to give a way just like that..only to find out that this dj dare was to have a listener get a tattoo of the dj's dace n2 her body...

wow! can you imagine that just to watch the pussy ket dalls?? hahaha

i was wonderin kun kaya ko ba gawin un and kanino?,,,thats beside the point,,,

so after that some dude called up..and when i say dude...i meant DUDE!!! he had this hunkadoodle bird voice..he was like stallone and schwarseniggro's voice..and he like goin..
"aiz tzallangez zyou vor ze tzikatzz" he said hel get the tattoo of all the 3dj's n his butt..geez not to mention 2 of the dj's wer guys..wow...

weird ass!! for all we know they cud come back 2yrs from now..besyds lets say 5 yrs from now that guy's gonna have his own kids or wife..what da hell is he suppose to say?

" hi kidzz aiz gut thiz tzatoo fer wutzchin ze puzzy ketz dollz"

hahaha...wala lang,,,

Monday, July 17, 2006

BLAST FROM THE PAST!! hahaha i made this 2years ago...

Ever had the feeling that ur being deprieved?
its lke u wanna go somewhere but something or
someone is holding you back? i have...3mins ago

what sucks is usually you get split into 2...
one side is begging for answers..on the other
ur so fucking pissed coz ur afraid of the
freaking truth behind it...

what if u never get to the bottom of it? wud u feel bad?
what if the truth isnt wut u wanted or worse its not what you expected?
aaaw now thats a whole lotta shit that u gotta get thru...ryt?

first minute..."haha its nothing (body gets numb)
first hour... "oh shit what did just happened?" (tears start to fall)
first week... "i'm gonna be ok...everythings fine"
(u start give this stupid plastic smile)
first month... "its not ok" shit i miss her...

2months after..."aaah i miss her!!!"
next 3months... "i'm doing good i think"

suddenly someone came...

now...whats ur next move?? ur too damn chickenshit to do something right?
yeah thats what i thought..ur a BIG CHICKEN SHIT!!and now ur too afraid to be happy fr yourslef...

aaaw now isnt that sweet...
as i it goes...

whats the point of being in love?
if i had to be in love all alone?
whats the point?
there's a point...thats why we call it unconditional love right...

Friday, July 14, 2006


joey potter and charlie...i bet u didnt know about this right?i tink this brought ol chaddy to stardom hehehe..

watch joshua jackson/pacey witter shake his ass in this on..he's wearin the red shirt..hahaha CLASSIC!!!

this was the last scene...huwaaaah...this was when katie homes was still that innocent lookin nice girl without a baby...where michelle williams hasnt engaged to to a lame bed scnen with a gay dude in broke back...kerr sith had to play a gay rol to get credit and finnally starring in final destination..james vander beek was still every girls dream promdate...and the times where every guy wanted to be joshua jackson...pacey witter.huhuhuh *sniffle*

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


LEX WAS A FRIGGIN FAG! superman carried a shitload of kryptonite that has the size of australia, and worst of all KHA-LEL'S SON HAS ASTHMA????!!!! WUT THE F*CK?? ARE YOU KIDDIN ME? son of the man of steel?? hes like the kid of steel or something...WHY DA HELL WUD HE SUFFER FROM FORM DISEASE OF THE WEAK??? DUH!!! I mean how da hell does he intend to save the world in the future? if someone wants to rule the world all he has to do is BRING A FRIGIN KAT And guess what?superkid will probably die of an asthma attack..sheeez

Monday, July 03, 2006


superman rocks!! astig movie! it had the classic intro and shits...kaya lang got weirded out by the thing he did wit the meteor rocks..sa smallville kasi lumapit lang parang inuugat na xa..sa movie exagge he lifted the kryptonite that has the size of australia!! to hell with that!...all in all... Christpher reeve is still my sooopa freak! way to go old man /R/I/P